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WE1010NA Photo
WE1010NA Photo WE1010NA Photo WE1010NA Photo
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$173.00 CAD

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Get It Soldered with the Weller® WE 1010, 120V

Weller® WE Line – the most powerful station in its class now in a new design. 1-channel-soldering station with WEP 70 soldering iron and PH 70 safety rest.

For many reasons, the Weller® WE 1010 soldering station is a smart soldering solution for several different types of jobs. If you want a powerful tool that gets the job done quickly and reliably, try the WE 1010. This unit has many advantages, but some of its main draws are its:

• Power: With the WE1010NA digital soldering station, you'll have exceptional power to get the job done fast. As the most powerful soldering station in its class, the 120V, 70W power station helps you work efficiently, reliably and precisely. With 40 percent more power than the WES / WESD station, the WEP 70 soldering iron heats up faster and has a shorter recovery time, which helps you produce high-quality results and get more done every time.

• Ease of use: The WE 1010 is extraordinarily user-friendly. The controls are designed to be intuitive, and the iron features an ergonomic design that's easier to control. The power station features an easy-to-read LCD screen, three push buttons and a power switch on the front of the unit. The iron is lightweight and features a pencil design that makes for comfort and easy maneuvering.

• Precision: When you use this product, you'll be able to more easily deliver consistently high-quality results. The smooth handling and control that the WEP 70 soldering iron offers and its user-friendly controls contribute to this quality. The excellent temperature stability and accuracy of the unit have a significant impact as well. Additionally, you can use a range of tips and temperatures to reliably get the exact results you need.

• Safety: WE1010NA has numerous features that will reduce potential hazards throughout your workday. It features a reinforced safety rest that provides extra stability when storing the iron between uses. The cables of the iron are also heat-resistant and meet industry standards for mechanical strength. The unit is also ESD safe and UL and CE certified for electrical safety.

• Cost efficiency: Despite having all of these incredible features, the WE 1010 is an extremely cost-effective tool. It's an affordable soldering iron overall and also contains elements meant to help you save money as you use it. The ET tips that the iron uses have an extremely long life, which significantly reduces operational costs. It also has a standby mode that the iron automatically enters into when not in use, which helps reduce energy use and further extend the life of your tips.

What Features Does This Adjustable Soldering Iron Include?

The WE 1010 soldering station includes the following features and benefits:

• 70W power station: WE1010NA features a 70-watt (W) power station that gives you the power you need to consistently produce high-quality results. The power station is 40 percent more powerful than the WES / WESD station, making it a substantial upgrade. This increased power heats up the iron faster and also provides faster recovery time, which enables you to work more efficiently and precisely.

• 70W soldering iron: The other primary component of WE 1010 is the 70 Watt soldering iron. This powerful tool is capable of reaching high temperatures but is also lightweight, allowing for increased control over your work. It's designed in the soldering pencil style and enables highly precise soldering.

• Toolless tip change: The soldering iron also makes it easy to change tips. You don't even need any additional tools to do so. You can quickly change out hot tips by turning the plastic knurled nut located on the soldering pencil by hand. This process further increases efficiency and can reduce the time it takes to complete a job.


• Power supply of 120 Volts (V): The system's power supply equals 120V or 60 Hertz (Hz). The low voltage 120V soldering iron system increases safety and reliability while providing the power needed to get the job done.

• 70W power: The soldering iron wattage of this unit is 70 watts, giving you enough power to consistently provide high-quality results.

• Dimensions of 5.91 L x 4.72 W x 3.86 H inches: The dimensions of the unit are 5.91 inches lengthwise by 4.72 inches widthwise by 3.86 inches heightwise. They're equal to 150 millimeters (mm) lengthwise by 120 mm widthwise by 98 mm heightwise. This relatively small footprint can help you keep your workplace uncluttered so that you can work more efficiently and safely.

• Weight at approximately three pounds: The WE 1010 weighs just over three pounds, or approximately 1.4 kilograms (kg), making it easy to handle.

• Temperature range of 200 to 850 degrees Fahrenheit (°F): Depending on the tool, the device can operate at between 200 and 850 °F, or 100 to 450 °C. This wide range of temperatures gives you the ability to precisely and reliably complete a wide range of jobs.

• Temperature accuracy of plus or minus (+/-) nine degrees Fahrenheit at idle with no load: You can offset the average tip temperature to +/- 9 °F, or +/- 5 °C, at idle with no load.

• Temperature stability at +/- 10 °F: The WE 1010 soldering station offers excellent temperature stability at +/- 10 °F, or +/- 6 °C, which enables you to create reliable, precise results from solder joint to solder joint.

• Approximate heating time: 28 Seconds From 120 to 660 °F. WE1010NA offers an approximate heating time of 28 seconds from 120 to 660 °F, or 50 to 350 °C. This speed helps you to complete projects more efficiently.

• Comes with ETA tip installed
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